Sip and Enjoy in Style


White Wine

Husky Gold.jpg

Husky Gold (Pinot Gris)

Rich with aromas of tropical fruit such as papayas and pineapple followed by floral notes.

Hot Ta Molly.jpg

Hot Ta Molly (375ml)

Pino Gris with smoked cayenne peppers.

Lazy Daze

Lazy Daze (Chardonnay)

Crisp Taste and delicious notes of vanilla, apple, and tropical fruit makes this one of life's pleasures. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Lazy Daze Oak.jpg

Lazy Daze Oak (Oak Chardonnay)

Crisp Taste and delicious notes of vanilla, apple, and tropical fruit makes this one of life's pleasures.

Izzy Licious.jpg

Izzy Licious (Riesling)

This Aromatic wine offers fruit aromas like nectarine, apricot, apple and pear.

Out of The Dog House.jpg

Out of the House  (White Zinfandel)

Semi Sweet loaded with refreshing fruity flavors that will leave you howling for more.


Red Wine

Dirty Bitch.jpg

Dirty Bitch (Semi Sweet)

Indulge in the dry Cabernet with hints of chocolate and raspberry

In the Dog House.jpg

In the Dog House (Red Zinfandel)

Explodes with candied fruitiness by spice with a light smokey finish.

Canine Crush.jpg

Canine Crush (Carménère)

Deep crimson color, fruity flavor with smoky, spice and earthy notes. . 

Cone of Shame.jpg

Cone of Shame (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Full bodied with dark fruit flavors and savory tastes of black to bell pepper. 

Frank N Fran.jpg

Frank N Fran (Cab Franc)

A lighter laid back yippy father of puppy cab sav. Bright in personality and soft on embrace.


Bone Appetit (Chateau Neuf Du papa)

A blend of 14 different grape howls with fruit flavors and earthy tones.

Crazy Bitch

Crazy Bitch (Cabernet Merlot)

Vibrant aromas and opulent dark fruit flavors. NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Cuddles (Chianti)

Full bodied with aromas of cherry and violets.

Tail Chaser.jpg

Tail Chaser (Montepulciano)

Well balanced and delightfully tannic with berry flavor. 


Maggie (Merlot)

Enticing aromas of cherry and plum with a hint of violet float from glass to palate to meet with toasted oak, vanilla and mocha. 


Malbite (Malbec)

Flavors of blackberry, cherry, plum and chocolate. 


Sweet Wine

Water Dog.jpg

Water Dog (Niagra)

Aromas of candied lemon rind, flowery jasmine and candied muskiness.

Dazzling Paws.jpg

Dazzling Paws (Diamond)

A sweet fragrant and fruity wine with intense grape and tropical flavors. 

Thevin Bitches.jpg

Thievin Bitches (Catawba)

One of the first native American grapes to be used in wine making in the US flavors of mild berry to fresh fruit. 

Three Bitches in Heat.jpg

Three Bitches in Heat 

Our special blend of French wine grapes that met up with a wine grape from America and blended to give you a berry to foxy flavor sure to leave you feeling a little frisky. 


Bark Berry (100% Blueberry)

Sweet blueberry is 100% blueberries with smooth tannins and very high antioxidants. 

Paw Pits.jpg

Paw Pits (100% Cherry)

The perfect balance between sweet and tart. 


Belle (Honey wine)

Made with local honey.  


Sydnee MVP (Most Valuable Paw)​

Slightly acidic flavor balanced out by a delicate sweetness.  Made with 100% cranberry. 


Welcome Waggin' (100% Pineapple)

Tastes of the tropics. 


RazzaDoodle (100% Raspberry wine)

The Perfect wine for hanging out with friends on a hot summer day,

Rinos Vino.jpg

Reno’s Vino (100% Blackberry)

Sweet and delicious with all the flavor of fresh pick blackberries.


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